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Homeopathy is a wonderful aid to have on hand for acute problems. As we move into deep summer and all its activities, here are some remedies to keep on hand for minor burns -- campfires and outdoor grills? -- as well as sunburn. Remember when you're out and about (it doesn't have to be a sunny day) to stay well hydrated.

Burns  can result from contact with a hot surface, fire, electricity or prolonged exposure to sun. It's crucial to consider the severity of the burn.

  • 1st degree burns show redness of skin and pain.
  • 2nd degree burns have redness, pain and blistering.
  • 3rd degree burns have all the layers of the skin burnt. Because the nerve endings are also destroyed, this is sometimes much less painful than more minor burns.

A 3rd degree burn needs immediate medical attention. While seeking professional help, you can give a dose of Arnica, 30C or 200C for the initial shock of the burn. You can follow this in 15 minutes with a dose of Causticum, again, while ensuring speedy medical help, to help with any pain.

For more minor burns, including sunburn, give an initial dose of Arnica, followed every 15 minutes by Urtica Urens. If the Urtica doesn't help bring down the pain and inflammation within a half hour, you can switch to Cantharis. Electrical burns respond well to an initial dose of Phosphorus.

Finally, if there are no breaks in the skin, and after the surface has been cleaned and cooled with cold water, you may apply Calendula lotion directly on the site of the burn. It's soothing and is known to promote healing of skin. This can be applied several times daily even into the period of scar tissue and fresh skin formation.

About Me

Ameet Ravital, PhD is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience, in private practice in Philadelphia, PA.


I have a holistic approach to psychotherapy, which includes teaching mindfulness, self-acceptance, and conflict resolution skills.

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